The Colchester Orbital

Approximately 14-15 miles in length, the Colchester Orbital is a circular walk/cycle route around the periphery of the town, taking advantage of and connecting some of its loveliest green spaces and off-road pathway networks. The route follows existing public rights of way over almost all of its course (no new pathways have been created to achieve it), and aims to appeal to the widest range of users.

The project is supported by a number of local organizations concerned with green issues (see Aims and Objectives), by Colchester Green Party and by Colchester Borough Council (it is now incorporated within the CBC Draft Local Plan, 2017-2032).

An interactive map of the Orbital (expand to full-size for menu functions)

The Orbital origins, aims and full route details

Orbital Walk Guides

  1. The Orbital East A (PDF)
  2. The Orbital East (PDF)

Note! This is a work in progress; the south and west side guides are currently in progress and will follow shortly.

Route auditing and ongoing work

Note: barriers are marked red on the Orbital map

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