Our Aims

To promote and facilitate safe and enjoyable walking

  • To improve health and community engagement by encouraging walking as a primary form of transport.
  • To advance Colchester as a ‘walkable town’.
  • To promote communication and a shared agenda with the cycling community.

To provide information about and facilitate walking access to

  • The local green environment: paths, trails, parks, woods and open spaces
  • Local wildlife and countryside biodiversity
  • sustainability features: allotments, recycling points
  • Local heritage points of interest and arts/cultural venues.

To promote an inclusive approach to mapping

  • To provide practical map-based information aimed at maximizing informed choice for walkers of all abilities.
  • To contribute to the development of a shared iconography for inclusive mapping.
  • To act as a prototype for inclusive mapping and information provision on a wider scale

To aid protection of our green open spaces

  • To act as a tool for local pathway planning, development and management via improved auditing, communication structures and design protocols.

Some people like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path”
Jean Anouilh, 1910-1987)

Mapping our paths, trails, parks and green open spaces

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