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Maps and local PRoW information

Essex County Council (ECC) PRoW home page
Guides, maps, walks etc

ECC Interactive PRoW Map

Dft interactive map of walking/cycling rates in the UK
Discover how many people are walking and cycling (and where) for travel and leisure purposes…


Better Health for all Londoners and Easy-read version
Consultation on the London Health Inequalities Strategy (August 2017)

The Mayor of London’s draft strategy which aims to help create a healthier and fairer society, and to help make the healthier choice easier for everyone, including the most disadvantaged. Open for consultation until 30th November…

Cities Alive: Towards a walking world (Arup, 2016)
‘…we shine a light on walking, and the impact walkability has on the success of a city. In particular, we highlight the opportunity for cities to embrace walking in response to some of the significant societal, environmental and market challenges they are facing’.

Mapping our paths, trails, parks and green open spaces

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